31 December 2010

Pies Thus Far

I've now been out of school for nearly a month, and my pie baking skills have come a long way. I've made apple pies and blueberry, pecan and pumpkin, chocolate chip cookie and meringue, double crust and single, and many things in between. Almost every night for the past three weeks I have baked pies, and they have all been delicious (if I do say so myself!). Favourites thus far according to my faithful tasters have been the butterscotch pecan pie, the chocolate chip cookies pie, and the blueberry maple pie with cornmeal crust! Apple pies are also generally always a hit. I have pictures of most of my creations, but, unfortunately, none of them are currently on my computer. So, they will have to wait to be posted until I can reclaim them from the various cameras and hard-drives on which they are currently being stored.

As my break comes to an end, I still have five pies left to bake before I return to school, and after that I will be limited to weekend pies until the end of the term (attempting to bake a pie in my dorm's small communal kitchen simply does not sound like an especially enjoyable experience!). So, since I have been so inconsistent in recording my pie adventures up to this point ( a fact which I attribute largely to the amount of time I have spent crafting Christmas and birthday gifts for my family over the break), I will try to more faithfully record these remaining few. No promises though!

Now, I must away to create tonight's masterpiece: Pecan-Caramel Apple Pie (and a Rum Cake!). Let the New Year's festivities begin! :)

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