17 December 2010

Pies... And A New Title

A book I picked up at the library recently had the line: “After awhile you’d start expecting apple pie instead of articles” as a female professor’s argument to a colleague on why she refused to marry him. My question is, why not both? Why can’t I make stellar apple pies and write stunningly insightful articles? I think I can. And will.
With this inspiration I’m revamping my blog. Again. Ever since school let out for Christmas break a last week I have made it my mission to master the art of pie baking. Until now I had never made one before. However, as of today, I have made three and am the proud possessor of three different cookbooks on them. I have made it my early New Year’s resolution to master this art, baking a minimum of one pie a week for the next year and recording these attempts: both successes and failures, on this blog. Will there be other things to write along the way? Probably. My life does consist of a bit more than baking pies, and some of that may seep on at times. Still, for a time at least this blog will probably be mostly about pies, baking them, and possibly the thoughts they inspire. Enjoy!

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