09 June 2009

Conversations Overheard: Lemons and Lemonade

This past week I helped with vacation Bible school at my church. I was an assistant in the first grade class (we had roughly twenty-eight first graders) and really enjoyed my time with the kids. Frequently, when you're around children that age you'll hear a conversation or two that makes you giggle, and this week was no different. The one that stands out to me the most was between about three or four little girls during snack time as they were sipping their lemonade:

Girl 1: "Do you want to know something about lemonade?"
Other girls: "What?"
Girl 1: "You can make it without powder!"
Other girls (wide-eyed): "No!"
Girl 1 (speaking with the air of someone who has discovered a great secret) :"Yes! You use lemons."
Other girls (obviously shocked): "Wow,! really?"
Girl 1 (nodding wisely): "Mhmm, and it takes a whole bunch of lemons to make. You have to squeeze them and squeeze them and squeeze them!"
Other girls (in awe): "Wow!"

At this point I had to walk away to tend to something else, but the memory still puts a smile on my face. :)


  1. You must have a lot of kids at your church.

    That's kind of funny. It reminds me of a story I heard somewhere about some kids who were surprised that you can play solitaire with cards, not just a computer.

  2. That is just too cute! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

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