03 April 2009

The Silly Things They Say

Hey all!
I know I have been quite tardy about updating my blog this week. I will try to do better, but no promises since next week I have three tests, two papers, and a speech due for my four classes. :)
I do, however, have several idea roiling around in my mind which will hopefully find their way into blog posts sometime soon. For now, I'll leave you with a "theological" discussion which I had with my four year old brother, Naithen, the day before yesterday. To set the scene, allow me to explain that he was on his bed for being unkind to his younger sister, and I were trying to explain to him why how he had treated her was wrong.

Naithen: "But I am sad because we are all going to die." (He wouldn't be changing the subject now, would he?)

Me: "But, Naithen, you don't need to worry about dying because if you love Jesus you will just go to be with Him when you die." (Alright, this may not be the most theologically deep or accurate conversation necessarily, but keep in mind that it was being held with a four year old)

Naithen: "Yes, but my body will still be dead."

Me: "Well, that's true, but eventually Jesus will raise it up and give you a new and better body."

Naithen (getting rather excited at this idea): "Yes! And maybe He will even make me a dragon or a bucking bronco!"

At this point I had to leave the room top restrain my laughter before returning to dealing with the issue at hand (the mistreatment of his little sister).


  1. That's too funny! I have five younger siblings (a four year old is amoungst them!) and I always love to hear the things they say!!!
    I will be in prayer for your Dad, It's tough having a family member over seas, but we can still lean on God!!! :)

  2. Naithen sounds like a funny kid.

  3. lol. Yes, he certainly is. :)

  4. This story gave me an idea. A series of conversations with children might make for an interesting book. A lot of the time, adults ignore children, but they often have some interesting things to say.

  5. It certainly would. My mother has discussed the idea before, and, who knows, maybe that will be her big project once we're all grown up and out of the house!
    Listening to children is always fascinating, they have a lot we can learn from if we'll just listen. Their words are frequently funny, regularly poignant, and occasionally insightful. Although, sometimes they make know real sense at all (but the same can be said of adults, right?).

  6. Yeah, kids just say what's on their mind because they have not yet learned those arbitrary social standards known as "manners".

    I like that.