09 March 2009

Do You Like Having So Many Brothers and Sisters?

I love babies. I love the way their smell, snuggles, and coos. I love pretty much everything about them. However, I have never been one of those girls who absolutely had to get her hands on somebody else’s baby. Maybe that’s because I’ve always had one of my own to cuddle. Every two years since my birth, my mother has presented me with a new baby brother or sister to adore (though some have been easier to adore than others). When people discover how many siblings I have, the conversation tends to go something like this:
“Wow! Are you Catholic?”
“Wow… Your mom must be a pretty amazing woman.”
“I think so.”
“Do you like having so many brothers and sisters?”
“What’s is like?”
“Umm…. Busy but fun.”
Now, I’m never exactly sure how they expect me to answer the “Do you like having so many brothers and sisters question. “No! I can’t stand it.”? To me, it’s just life. I love each and everyone one of my siblings and can’t imagine what life would be like without them. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have a baby to come home and snuggle after a hard day of school, or a nosy little two year old princess to give me instructions on how to color pictures or to insist that I dance with her through the kitchen or admire her new pink dress. My life would certainly be very different without my quirky four year old brother whose antics so frequently bring a smile to my face and provide so many laughs with my friends and family. Not that it’s always easy. When you have four little boys ranging in age from ten to four who have been cooped up in the house for a couple of days and who, in consequence, are literally bouncing off the walls ( Which, by the way, can hurt if you do it wrong.) Yes, it’s exhausting at times, but that doesn’t keep me from lying in bed every night and thanking the Lord for the wonderful family he’s blessed me with. :)


  1. My siblings are a big blessing. But I once met a girl that really didn't like her siblings. I felt really sorry for her. She didn't understand that they where blessings from God. I am so greatful that I have a big family!


  2. The cute blond is at the top of the stairs demanding to be brought down. Naithen just went to "rescue her" it was quite cute!

  3. Big families are neat, and the Lord has certainly blessed yours!

  4. Kyndra, my family hasn't been as richly blessed when it comes to little ones. However, we are in the process of adoption, so Lord willing, that will change!

  5. My family has indeed been blessed, but I believe there can be many benefits to a smaller family as well. For example, my mother would love to adopt, but since we still have little children at home, we don't feel it is a realistic option.
    I'll be praying for your family and the adoption, Ella. I hope all will go well for you!

  6. "I just love babies. I was one myself once." - Curly Howard (of Three Stooges fame)

    That's kind of a weird question. And since you have lived with siblings for most of your life, you really have no basis for comparison. I think maybe people who ask that are just trying to make conversation and don't know how.

  7. That was kind of my thought. People ask me similar questions about homeschooling: "Did you like being homeschooled?"
    My response is generally, "yes, but I don't have anything to compare it to."
    At least, that used to be my response. I've now formulated some opinions on why I feel that homeschooling is superior. Maybe I'll make that a post someday!

  8. Hi Kyndra! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You have such a nice site, and I love this post! I'm the second oldest of 6 kids, so I sorta know what it's like being in a large family (although not quite as large as yours!). I know God is preparing you for the day you will have your own household to take car of-you're getting wonderful experience! I'll be praying for you as you seek God's will for your life-I know, it's hard sometimes!
    God bless,

  9. Btw, that is a beautiful picture of you on top of your blog!

  10. Kyndra,

    I was not home-schooled, but I can still tell you that homeschooling is far better than public school. (I guess it depends on the student, though.) Homeschoolers do not have to do a bunch of busywork. Instead, they use the time they would have spent on busywork to do things like winning national spelling bees. From my own experiences, I have become quite cynical about school.

  11. What a beautiful thing it is to have a big family! I come from a family of four but I love kids and babies! You truly are blessed. :-)

  12. Sara: Thanks so much! My mom took the picture. She does a great job. :)

    Some Dude: I agree that it does depend some on the student, and on the instructors, I suppose. However, the busywork is a point I certainly agree on.

    Neesie: Thanks for stopping by!